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March 2014

  • Music Monday

    Kathy Mar has been making folk and filk music longer than a lot of people have been around.  She was a professional folksinger and street performer in Denver before she discovered filk, the music of science fiction & fantasy fandom.  She’s gone on to record several filk albums and won awards in filk music. And… Continue reading

  • QOTD: Workplace Wellness

    Much criticism of “employer wellness programs” have been focused on privacy concerns and angering employees.  But now we’re seeing more practical concerns (also known as “does this even work?”). Which leads me to this quote of the day, directed at CEOs: Suppose a vendor made you this proposal: “Pay us to take your employees off the… Continue reading

  • Wednesday Trying to be Monday

    Good: Wearing nifty IGIGI dress from Gwynnie Bee. Bad: Turned my left ankle and fell in my driveway this morning. Good: Ankle feels okay. Bad: Right hip & knee, which I actually fell on, are sore. Good: Hubby brushed off dress.  Bad: Headache. Good: Five compliments on the dress at work today. And it has… Continue reading

  • TSA Travels

    I don’t fly very often. This is likely why it I didn’t go through a full-body security scanner until Friday and, again, today.  I don’t have strong opinions about the type of scanning used, although I do consider much of the airport security approach to be security theater. So I did the scanner instead of… Continue reading

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