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June 2010

  • Science doesn’t understand? Or doesn’t ask?

    A blog post on how exercise experiments that replicate on men don’t on women ends with the observation: [W]hen it comes to women, there’s a great deal that sports scientists “just don’t understand.” As if they’ve tried and tried and tried, but women are somehow outside the realms of understanding. Which is bullshit. As the… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Still Catch the Tide

    I first discovered Talis Kimberly’s song Still Catch the Tide (lyrics) on Seanan McGuire’s album Stars Fall Home.   The album version features harp, flute, violin, and guitar, and it’s one of my favorites for yoga. This video is of a live performance that’s a bit of a faster tempo…which is likely appropriate for a Monday… Continue reading

  • Fat Birth Control

    A friend pointed me to this op-ed on making (at least some) birth control pills available without a prescription.   Generally I think that making birth control easier to get is a good thing.  I’d also welcome more research on the efficacy of hormonal birth control in fat women.  Plus something tells me I’m not… Continue reading

  • My Monday (lots of work deadlines edition)

    7:45 Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.  Multiple times. 8:15 Get up. 8:45 Meds, breakfast. 9:00 Leave house. 9:30 At my desk, working. 12:30 Read a newspaper while heating and eating lunch. 1:00 Back at my desk, working. 5:15 Take a break for some social media and a snack. 5:45 Back to work. 8:00 Could stay… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Nerds Live Inside, Right?

    Okay, I did get outside on Saturday. :) Odd how Sunday was one of the longest days this year (nearly 16 hours) and was December-like in its overcast-ness. Well, in December it would be full dark at 4:30 instead of 9:45.  So there’s that. But there’s a reason people are calling it Juneuary. So I… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] Ten-minute professional shoulder massage :) Running across this writeup on fat & feminist women’s health experiences from 1996.  Yes, it can be frustrating to know how much hasn’t changed, but it’s also validating…and a bit of a walk down memory lane, at least for me. Gorgeous greenery outside. The “Summer-SAD” is… Continue reading

  • Expectations (and Risks) of Weight Loss

    Lots of folks have been quoting the new paper in the International Journal of Obesity – Weight loss of 15% or more from maximum body weight is associated with increased risk of death from all causes among overweight men and among women regardless of maximum BMI. “Associate”, here, appears to mean “correlate”.   The 15% piqued… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    Crunch mode continues at work.  Saturday some friends came over, which threw me into a frenzy of cleaning.  But hey — the public part of the house is clean now :) Continue reading

  • Coffee at Lunch?

    The “coffee drinkers are less likely to have diabetes” idea has popped up again, this time focused on those who have coffee with lunch.  From the abstract, [T]he hazard ratio in the highest category of coffee consumption [3 cups (375 mL)/d] was 0.73 … in comparison with no coffee consumption. This inverse association was restricted to… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] Surviving crunch mode so far. Hanging out with a friend tonight. Tomorrow is Friday.   ;) I walked up the ramp to our seats at the stadium last weekend instead of taking the elevator. Vitty10 put 2 of my posts on her Fat Acceptance Greatest Hits ;) Continue reading

  • FYI: About Ads

    I do not directly profit from the Google Ads you may see on my site.  In fact, WordPress prevents me from putting many standard advertisements on the site, which I’m fine with — I don’t pay the hosting. So, how do these ads appear?  They are placed by WordPress, and are not shown to logged-into-WordPress… Continue reading

  • “But you’re thin!”

    A friend-of-a-friend mentioned on a social networking site that she’d bought a thick foam topper for her mattress. After trying it out she’s thinking she won’t wake up with her hips hurting tomorrow. I? Stopped myself from responding “But you’re thin!” Because the fact that she’s thin probably isn’t relevant. It’s been a few hours… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    It’s crunch time at work.  This can mean I end up posting more just out of general must-keep-moving or that I will post less because of having less time to write / respond to comments. Of course, this also brought this song to mind: ;) Continue reading

  • Weight Loss Expectations: NIH vs Popular Thought

    What expectations do people have when they start a weight loss program?  The Fantasy of Being Thin is very common, and usually isn’t about being less fat.  It’s about being THIN. So this blurb from The Practical Guide: Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, from the US National Institutes of Health… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [a not-always-weekly exercise in gratitude] I don’t exactly feel like being thankful, but maybe that’s a sign I should look for things to be thankful about.   (It’s a Thing, partly to remind me of good things.) 1) New, comfy shoes. 2) Arroz camarones. 3) Making some progress in sorting my books…. 4) …and cleaning my… Continue reading

  • Betty

    Lately I’ve become more fond of the newspaper comic strip Betty.  Today’s Springsteen reference didn’t hurt. Betty is smart, capable, and yes, a bit chunky.  Unlike, oh, Blondie, she doesn’t have an exaggerated shape.  Also unlike many women in comics, she works out, plays hockey, and is quite capable at work and around the house.… Continue reading

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