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November 2010

  • Things you don’t think about…

    I had a job interview.  Overall I think it went well; it seems like a cool place with interesting work, and I think they got a good sense of what I can do for them.  If they make an offer I’ll be pleased, but I’m still looking.  (AKA: Nice first date, but it’s just a… Continue reading

  • Poverty’s Link to Diabetes

    [C]onventional wisdom about Type 2 diabetes would suggest that once obesity, lack of physical activity and other lifestyle risk factors were taken into account, diabetes incidence rates would even out between lower- and higher-income groups…. [A recent study found that] for men, being in the lowest-income category (earning less than $15,000 per year), doubles the… Continue reading

  • Things I am thankful for right now

    1) Yummy food and friends / chosen family to enjoy it with. 2) A positive discussion of Health at Every Size. 3) A warm house. 4) Interview scheduled for next week. 5) Laughing with friends while playing board games ;) Continue reading

  • Dawn French, “Happy In Her Skin”

    In a recent interview tied to her new novel (not yet out in the US), Dawn French mused about how most articles about her mention her weight. “Sometimes it’s done in a mean way, but I do find it strange because it’s not as though it’s a new thing, I’ve been this size for a… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: Save Yourselves!

    Okay, I’ve posted Seanan McGuire’s song Wicked Girls before.  (Pre-orders for the album?  Available.  Posters of the lyrics? Also available.)   If you haven’t heard it, this is how she performed it with friends at Orycon. Left to right: Sunnie Larsen, Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey, Seanan McGuire, Tony Fabris, Autumn. What you may not know, if… Continue reading

  • Way Outside the Bell Curve

    Per the US CDC’s Anthropometric Reference Data (PDF) 5% of adult, non-pregnant women in the US weigh less than 111lbs, and 95% weigh less than 250lbs.   90% of US women weigh between 111 and 250lbs. This is why I consider myself a statistical outlier, weight-wise.  As I’ve noted before, in some ways I’m a freak of nature —… Continue reading

  • Hosting Thanksgiving? Tips to reduce stress

    Okay, this is kind of US-centric, but The Onion posted some funny tips to make hosting a family Thanksgiving less stressful, including: Put the adults at the kids’ table, and keep the kids in the car. To keep your mother happy, seat her directly across from her one good child who actually did something with his… Continue reading

  • I Love This Dress

    Evans calls it a “blue velvet drape pocket dress”.  I’ve been calling it the “Beth Ditto dress”, “blue velvet dress”, or “the dress” for short.  Oh, and it is — at least, it feels shorter than this picture appears (perhaps because the picture was taken by someone taller than I):     The dress arrived… Continue reading

  • Oh, CNN

    This blog post got my hopes up with “Dieting gets you nowhere” and then dashed it with the “but it works for kids!” ending.  No, people, turning off the TV or passing up a Happy Meal will not automagically turn a fat kid into a slender one.  Sorry. Continue reading

  • Things to Read: Scandals That Aren’t

    This bit on Fast Food Restaurants Not Single-Handedly Ending Child Obesity is hysterical.   Yes, some fast food restaurants pledged to make “healthier” choices available, and yes, they make some “healthier” choices available.  Is it really a surprise that you might have to, gasp, order the milk and apple slices instead of pop and fries?… Continue reading

  • Many Obese People DO Look Great The Way They Are

    It’s hard to read this and not just shake my head. [M]any clinically obese men and women think they’re already at a healthy weight. In a study of 2,056 obese people in Dallas County (all participants had a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or higher), researchers asked each participant to look at nine… Continue reading

  • Note to Self

    Dear Self – Yes, if you are going to spend your weekend wandering around a warehouse helping to make a music / circus / vendor event happen, then by all means, take an extra B12 if you think it will help.  Even an extra 2500-iu, if that’s what you have handy… But don’t be surprised… Continue reading

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