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July 2011

  • Quick Question

    About adding apple slices to Happy Meals (and reducing the size of fries): Also, for those who are over age 12: Is there any toy which would entice you to buy a Happy Meal for yourself? Continue reading

  • Want to cool off?

    Come to Seattle. Seriously. It’s been 80F or above (26C) for 78 minutes since June 1.  Eighteen hours and 48 minutes above 75F.   Some folks are fine with this, others want more warmth, but compared to the rest of the US we’re nice and cool. So come on over.  Don’t forget the umbrella.  And… Continue reading

  • Head, Meet Desk

    A friend tells me that he’s been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (TSH 7.5) and he’s starting on Synthroid (Levothyroxine).  Google takes me to the NIH page on Levothyroxine.  Right at the top is the following offset warning: Thyroid hormone should not be used to treat obesity in patients with normal thyroid function. Levothyroxine is ineffective for… Continue reading

  • Medical Insurance Helps People Feel Better!?

    On the one hand, it’s good to have actual research backing this up.  On the other hand, it’s insane that this didn’t exist before.  From the NY Times: When poor people are given medical insurance, they not only find regular doctors and see doctors more often but they also feel better, are less depressed and… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [An occasional exercise in gratitude.] At the moment I’m thankful for: My temp gig is continuing to go fairly well. My father is doing better. I got over my “but things can’t get better” thinking and saw my ARNP about my anxiety, insomnia, and depression symptoms.  My ARNP prescribed Celexa (for depression) and Ambien (for… Continue reading

  • Independence Day

    For those in the US, my favorite “freedom” song, Garth Brooks’ “We Shall Be Free“. ….and a different turn on the idea of “Independence Day” by Bruce Springsteen.  (The song begins about 3 minutes in.) Hope you all have a good day, wherever you are ;) Continue reading

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