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October 2010

  • Ah, Teh Sex ;)

    (Misspelling intentional!) Marianne posted about sex yesterday, and Red No. 3 followed up with a post today.  So, it’s kind of a blogaround!   :) I did a general post on sex a few years ago.  A few things I’d add now: At age 44 I have had more partners than the “average American woman”.… Continue reading

  • Fun with Job-Hunting

    So, I’m checking out Craigslist, and there’s a job ad that sounds great for me until I get to the end “MUST be nicotine and tobacco free, demonstrated commitment to a healthy lifestyle preferred.”   *blink*  Okay, the first is a plus for an asthmatic, but the “demonstrated commitment to a healthy lifestyle”…?  Re-read the… Continue reading

  • Quick: Men get Photoshopped too; Diet Wars; Where the Heck Have I Been?

    This short shows before/after shots for a fictional bodybuilding product that were shot on the same day.  The man in question really does look heavier in the before — due to lighting, positioning, makeup, and Photoshop. Epictetus was born in 55AD. I looked him up when a “quote of the day” site came up with… Continue reading

  • Meridia (sibutramine) being removed from the US market

    From CNN: Abbott Laboratories has agreed to take its obesity drug Meridia (sibutramine) off the market, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Friday. The company voluntarily withdrew the drug because clinical trial studies showed there was an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in people who used the drug. […] Approved in 1997… Continue reading

  • Exercise and Reinforcing Spirals

    I’ve written about my mother being self-conscious about her fat. Afraid of other people thinking she was fat, afraid of not being able to walk far enough, of not being able to find a chair that fit, of being unable to defend herself if physically attacked. Mom was also self-conscious of being out of shape… Continue reading

  • Some Good Things

    Riot Nrrd explains why  judging other people’s health can be inaccurate. Despite turning my ankle a couple times Monday (and working too much and walking too little these past weeks) I didn’t have problems walking over a mile at the Sounders game Tuesday night :) My new CPAP mask arrived! Somehow I’d broken the widget that… Continue reading

  • Fat Bingo: Fat and Fit Article

    Using the article “Fat but fit? Big gray area confounds scientists“. “Is it possible to be fat and fit? Perhaps, researchers say, but losing weight may make you even better off.” Message: Don’t get your hopes up, fatty, exercise and a healthy diet are only worthwhile if you lose weight—if your weight is stable you… Continue reading

  • Morning Wake-Up: Kashmir Floral Leggings

    Yes, this is the folk/filk group Vixy and Tony (with Sunnie Larsen playing violin, Betsy Tinney playing cello, Heather Dale playing bohdran, and Ben Deschamps with the mandolin) performing Led Zeppelin. I finally opened the package from the UK that arrived Saturday and found my size 32UK (“28US”) leggings are a bit loose.   This may… Continue reading

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