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Fat Women Have Sex Too!

Researchers looking at women age 15-45 (divided into the BMI categories of normal weight, overweight, and obese) found a shocking result:

The investigators found no significant differences among the weight groups in sexual orientation, frequency of sexual intercourse, the number of current partners, age at first intercourse, the number of lifetime male partners, or the number of male partners in the previous year.

Why, it’s almost as if fat chicks were, you know, human.  A researcher reminded Reuters that, “Obese and overweight women are just as sexually active as normal-weight women and need to be counseled similarly about their risks of unintended pregnancy and infection.”

Unfortunately, as many of us know, doctors don’t always ask.  So speak up.

I do realize that it can be a no-win situation for doctors; one person might be offended at the suggestion that she’s had sex; others may lie about how many partners they’ve had or not had.   Personally I feel that I should be honest with my medical practitioner, and if the practitioner has a problem, I need to find a new one.

The study did find some differences between the weight groups. The first:

A higher proportion of normal-weight women reported never having borne a child and a higher proportion of overweight and obese women reported having three or more children.

The second:

[…] found that obese and overweight women, compared with normal-weight women, were more likely to report a history of intercourse with a male […]

The second one is curious to me because elsewhere they’re not different in sexual orientation. Weird.

I’m also curious how many supersize women were in this study, and if results for those with BMI of 50+ were similar to or different from the others.

(I spotted this in Stef’s health LJ.)

10 responses to “Fat Women Have Sex Too!”

  1. Probably not many BMI 50+ women were in the study, because we are a small percentage of all fat women (I hate the term “obese”). I wouldn’t have qualified for it, since I’m 54, but I can tell you that, at a BMI of 53, I didn’t lack for sexual partners before I got married 2 years ago (if I wanted them).
    I think what shocked the researchers more than the fact that fat women have sex is that men actually find us attractive and want to have sex with us. Because TEHFATZ is so unattractive, ya know. It’s like they think that every man ever born will only like women who meet whatever society thinks is acceptable for “beauty”, when in reality, men are just as diverse as women in what they’re looking for in another person.

  2. I agree there probably weren’t many of BMI > 50 – weight tends to a bell curve, from what I’ve seen, and we’re out on the trailing edge :) I’m just curious m’self :)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out for my LJ!

  4. You’re welcome…thanks for posting this info :)

  5. I know that this is an old post, but I stumbled upon your site today and I’ve read a couple of your posts. I must say that I like where you are coming from. Have you ever seen Ruby on the Style Network? Your approach sort of reminds me of her. You put everything into perspective and you both have a way to make “fat” women seem so human. I commend you for this blog and I hope that more people read it because I think it could impact their views if they would just open their minds for ten minutes.

    1. I haven’t watched Ruby because I’ve read the show is focused on her weight loss attempts. I also know that significant, lasting weight loss is generally unattainable, kind of like winning the lottery. I do understand that many people still want to lose weight. I’m just not one of them. I also get tired of weight loss expectations and promotions and guilt and such, so I generally don’t allow it here.

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  8. Actually, I’m rather curious myself. I assume it couldn’t have been very high.
    I enjoyed this post. =)

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