Woman Upset At Herself For Feeling Hungry

The Onion, for those who don’t know, is a “fake news” organization.  Originally it was founded in Madison, Wisconsin as the sort of weekly that covers local news and events – only it would add hefty doses of satire and humor.  Much of the humor comes from treating everyday things as newsworthy.  “Woman Upset At Herself For Feeling Hungry” is in this vein: 

MODESTO, CA—Telling friends that she “just ate a huge thing of yogurt four hours ago,” local woman Vanessa Stroud chided herself Tuesday for feeling hunger, a natural urge experienced by all living creatures to ensure they consume the sustenance necessary to maintain metabolic processes and other vital biological functions.

This is a hugely normal thing, at least for women.  I still run into myself, when eating isn’t convenient.  But guess what?  Sometimes it’s in The Onion because it’s true.  ;)






11 responses to “Woman Upset At Herself For Feeling Hungry”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    oh God. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  2. Lori Avatar

    Love it.

  3. buttercup Avatar

    Did you see their report on Bratz dolls making girls have unrealistic expectations of head size? I think someone at The Onion “gets it”.

  4. JupiterPluvius Avatar


  5. Melissa Avatar

    It’s funny how often satire can reveal the truth about how ridiculous humans can become isn’t it?

  6. librarychair Avatar

    My favorite one was from years and years ago.

    “Cosmo publishes ‘Ten tips and tricks on fattening up for winter’”

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Which is about as dumb as trying to lose weight. :)

  7. O.C. Avatar

    You know, I was just out working in the yard and started to feel hungry. I thought “Yay! I’m hungry so that must mean I was getting some stuff done!” :-)

  8. Ostara Avatar

    It’s funny how often satire can reveal the truth about how ridiculous humans can become isn’t it?


  9. Great Read Round-up (for Newbies edition) « Angry Gray Rainbows Avatar

    […] from Living 400 Lbs: “Woman Upset at Herself for Feeling Hungry”…. LOL LOL […]

  10. Anita Avatar

    I love the Nietzchean diet one:
    My favorite line is: “Detractors say […] the book mostly consists of unclear and unusually harsh sets of inspirational logical lacunae. “

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