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Thankful Thursday

[A weekly little exercise in gratitude.]

1) I haven’t had a romantic partner try dropping “hints” about my weight.  Part of it is that I’ve had enough of a chip on my shoulder to say, “I know I’m fat.  I’m not trying to make my weight go up or down. If that’s a problem for you, we shouldn’t date.” pretty early in my relationships.

2) Laughter.

3) Fresh strawberries from our patio, served with a kiss.

4) Walking upstairs is no longer a challenge for my right knee.

5) Less work stress!

4 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Sounds like things are going really well. :)

  2. Mmmm…fresh strawberries. Is there anything more delicious than fresh, ripe, strawberries? I’ve been on a massive strawberry kick lately, and I love, love, love it!

    I’m thankful today because my friend’s Rottweiler puppy who has been sick with the dreaded parvo is better and will probably come home today! She beat the odds. In fact, the vet said yesterday they’ll be kind of glad to send her home since she chewed through three IV lines yesterday…one of them AFTER they put her in the big cone-shaped collar. I’m proud of my Goshpuppy.

    Oh, and I’m thankful because my friend finally got the grant money she was awarded by her city about eight months ago, which means she can finally set up the blog she wants to do and pay me to write it.

    Yeah, this is a goooooood thursday.

  3. I love your thankful Thursday! A great reminder to give thanks for all fo the fabulous things around us..always. ANd yes, the strawberries sound divine..nothing better in the summer!

    1. I mostly use it as a reminder of the good things in my life :)

      I started growing strawberries in a pot on the deck in my first home, a condo. We moved them with us to the house and now they’re trying to expand beyond the planters to the back yard. We aren’t exactly fighting back ;)

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