Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

400lb Women are Rare….

…in general, but not so rare that there’s only one in the Seattle area.  Or so I had assumed.

Now I have proof, in that the “400lb Seattle area woman arrested for fraud, had nearly $26,000 in her bra” news article is NOT about me.  ;)

7 responses to “400lb Women are Rare….”

  1. I don’t know if Spokane can be called “Seattle” area except in the type of situation where one is traveling in the east coast of U.S. or abroad and so one simply says “from Seattle” for anywhere in the state, as opposed to the city, of Washington (not D.C.). But you are definitely NOT the only one. I am a very self accepting, fat positive resident of Seattle, whose body has stabilized for whatever reason that bodies do that, at between 393 and 398 and I think that’s close enough to 400. Your site is one of the primary ones that have helped me with this self acceptance. Believe me, it did NOT happen over night.

    I often think of writing to you when I read about your struggles with exercise and walking and pain. I used to walk and dance and loved it but those days are long behind me. Personally, instead, I SWIM and love it. One of the best things about being fat is being so bouyant. So, even though I have lymphedema and so leg swelling in both lower legs, as well as arthritis with lots of pain in knees and ankles, swimming is WONDERFUL as there is no pressure on the leg parts. Fun and relaxing and helps relieve pain. I know it’s not for everyone as I am very comfortable with swimming skills. I have tried and enjoyed water aerobics, at my own pace and for my own goals (many in those classes are there for weight loss which I am not) which I enjoyed. But now I enjoy swimming slowly and steadily for half an hour usually. And the self reward is a bit of relaxing in the hot tub afterwards (followed by cooling the legs back down afterwards by getting back in the pool for a few more laps, or just playing around, to avoid leg swelling from the hot tub). I don’t call it going to the gym–I prefer to call it enjoying my spa.

    Keep up the good work. You find very interesting articles that you comment upon and your writing about your reactions is thought provoking for me. And your personal sharing is appreciated, too.

    I find your sharing constantly inspirational.

    1. Thank you! I am honored that you enjoy the blog.

      Re: the article, the arrest happened in Spokane but it stated the suspects were “Seattle-area residents”.

  2. Well, I have to say that one positive aspect of being fat which I hadn’t considered before is that we can stuff a whole lotta cash in our bras! WHOO-HOO-FATTIE-CRIMESPREE!!!!!!

  3. Wow! That was one “well padded” bra!

    Diary of a Morbidly Obese Woman Joining a Gym

  4. Well now you know where to put the money next time you feel like stealing! Just … be a little more discreet about it so you don’t get caught, okay? :)

  5. I live in Spokane and I really wish this woman would have been caught when i still worked for a bank. That would have been the best day ever!

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