What I did yesterday

I went out to go to work (and get breakfast on the way) and discovered a flat tire.

I went back inside, called my boss, and made breakfast.  After sufficient caffeination I changed into cords and a sweatshirt I didn’t mind getting dirty and went out to deal with the tire.  Only one was flat, and I had a spare, so time to change the tire.

I discovered that yes, even spreading the trunk mat on the ground to sit on, I get dirt all over my pants changing a tire.  Why not crouch? Mainly I don’t trust my balance while crouching long enough to crank up the jack.  Sitting was more comfortable.

I also found that my arms aren’t up to loosening machine-tightened lug nuts — but my legs are.  No, I didn’t jump on the lug wrench.  Stood with one foot on the wrench and I gradually increased the pressure.

So now I have 2 new tires (another was also very worn, and it’s preferred to replace tires in pairs or sets).






7 responses to “What I did yesterday”

  1. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    You are becoming quite the aficionado at changing tires! I remember the one you wrote about last year(?) and, well, you have more practice than I do! Changing tires is a grimy job. I’d like to see ANYONE come away from it dirt free!


    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Well, last year I ended up having help :) This year I did it myself. (Okay, I debated calling a tow truck or leaving it for hubby’s day off….but I decided to butch up and do it ;)

  2. AcceptanceWoman Avatar

    I was just mentioning that my legs are probably strong enough to roll a 300 or so pound boulder off of a toddler, if I ever needed to do so. I love “butching up” and doing stuff. You are awesome.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Ayup. I can move quite heavy things with my legs, but I have to be careful to gradually increase pressure to avoid breaking things!

  3. queenaeron Avatar

    While I appreciate your accomplishment (and you should be very proud of yourself), IMO that’s why gawd invented AAA! :-)

    It must be the season for new tires. I need to get 2 new back tires. Unfortunately, it’s going to have to be 1 this paycheck and 1 next paycheck. One really bad one is going to go at any time and the other one has a month or so left on it. I figure I buy them both at the same place and within 2 weeks of each other, the wear and tear won’t be that big a difference.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! You should definitely be proud of yourself!

  4. notblueatall Avatar

    You are a breath of fresh air. I’ve only been reading your blog a short while, but any gal that can change a tire (and willingly) is mega-rad in my book! Thank you for sharing this and strengthening my faith in ladies everywhere!

  5. Plus-Women Avatar

    Great source of inspiration.

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