Music Monday: I’m Your Moon

It’s probably not a surprise that I’m relieved that California’s Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional. What might surprise you is how I get from that to Jonathan Coulton’s song about Pluto and Charon after it was decided Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.   The song is from Charon’s point of view, telling Pluto

They invented a reason
That’s why it stings
They don’t think you matter
Because you don’t have pretty rings
I keep telling you I don’t care
I’m Your Moon lyric page

After Prop 8 passed, filker Angelica of Ash Productions started dedicating I’m Your Moon to those couples whose marriages were prevented by it.  Vixy & Tony picked it up.

This performance features Vixy & Tony, joined by Betsy Tinney on cello, recorded at a house concert.

Updating to add: more humor, less sweet:  Tom Smith singing Two Guys Kissin’ Ruined My Life.







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