What is with Ina Garten?

Screencap of popular search terms since 2013-01-01.
Just for grins, I looked at which search terms have been most popular so far this year.

And so far?

Variations on the blog name: “living 400 lbs”, “living 400”, etc.
Variations on the blog topic: “400 lbs”, “400 pounds”, “super obese”.
Variations on Ina Garten’s weight: “ina garten weight”, “ina garten weigh loss”, “ina garten weigh loss 2012”, etc.

Apparently people are curious, or apparently I’m weird for mentioning it.  At least it’s mostly leading to this post and not speculation.

Another popular one that gets on my nerves is “what to do when your sore”.  Can we just be clear that it should be “what to do when you’re sore” or “what to do when you are sore”?  Please? :)







4 responses to “What is with Ina Garten?”

  1. Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    Or “what to do when your sore changes color”. ;)

    1. Twistie Avatar

      Well said, Mike S.

  2. Twistie Avatar

    I really do have to wonder at people being obsessed with Ina Garten’s weight. I was going to ask if people really don’t have anything better to do… and then I remember all the people who have time all day every day to troll FA, feminist, LGBTQ justice, and suchlike sites to tell us what incredible losers we are.

    And really, so often their time would be better spent learning to spell, how to punctuate correctly, and how to choose the proper homonym.

  3. fatcarriesflavor Avatar

    I keep getting hits from search terms about Holly Marie Combs being fat. Which she isn’t.

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