Things to Read

Some links I thought worth sharing:

Lara Frater on the word “fat”.

Grief moves at its own pace, despite the “rush to normal” common in our society.

You know how kids will bulk up a little before a growth spurt?  That’s now a strange thing to be studied, not a normal thing.

Swimming laps & self-acceptance.

On the US government, but likely applies to others: Fewer secrets would also be smarter secrets.

Anyone have others to share?



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One response to “Things to Read”

  1. Twistie Avatar

    I saw something the other day that I think is a must see. It’s not a read, but have you seen Amanda Palmer’s response to the Daily Mail basically writing a revue of a recent onstage wardrobe malfunction she had? If not, head here: and watch and listen. But not at work. It’s definitely Not Safe For Work, either aurally or visually.

    Still, somehow I thought you might enjoy it.

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