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It Came From The Search Terms

Delving into what WordPress says folks searched on…

for over 6 years i have no where to exercise unemployed can’t afford to go gym over weight has a massive amount of stress

Exercise has become something that many people can’t afford. Often it’s due to the lack of some or all of:

  • Time
  • Safe space
  • Equipment
  • Money

Yes, you can work with body weight exercises and other things that require little equipment.  I’ve written some suggestions:

  1. Starter Strength Training Moves – no equipment necessary.
  2. Stretching for Flexibility – no equipment necessary.
  3. Aerobics at Home– most needs no equipment, but there is one item I suggest.

All in all, the best exercise is one you’ll do. If there’s a library nearby, they may have books or videos to try that you may enjoy. On the other hand, if you are dealing with an injury or have been extremely sedentary (for example, if walking around your home is a challenge) you may want to investigate physical therapy to help you rebuild mobility.  Best of luck!

is a guys 5x bigger than a woman’s 5x

Depends on the clothing and how it’s cut.  In t-shirts, almost definitely. Comparing polo shirts, probably. Comparing men’s pants to women’s, not always – men are assumed to have the same hip & waist size. I do sometimes buy men’s drawstring sweatpants that fit my hips and use the drawstring to fit my waist.

does anyone make 8x womens activewear

Making It Big has a sports bra, leggings, tank top, and a variety of knit tops, pants and shorts suitable for working out in.  Not all their clothes go to 8X but they have the ability to filter clothes based on size while browsing. Plus Woman has leggings, knit tops, and pants up to 10X and can make to measure.

can you drink out of date slim fast

Do you want to?

2 responses to “It Came From The Search Terms”

  1. Of course you can drink out of date SlimFast… just as you can drink motor oil, anti-freeze, or any other liquid. It is physically possible to do so, but I’m not sure I would recommend doing so. Then again, I probably wouldn’t suggest drinking in date SlimFast, either.

    But that’s me.

  2. Thanks for the links to your exercise posts. It came in handy for the reminders of indoor exercise. I am walking still, more than I was when I commented on your original post, 350-600 minutes per week, but this morning we are getting snow, &, with my cerebral palsy & arthritis & increasing balance issues, walking when it is slippery is dangerous. I also have issues with stairs, more than I used to, so I can use the tips about pushups against the wall, & doing squats as well as I can (balance & mobility issues come into play there as well). I have been doing some this morning. I do chair crunches in my recliner & walk around the house, but I really hate to miss my walks. I am getting a new set of dumbbells too, so will hopefully be able to stay as active as possible this winter.

    I have no desire to drink SlimFast either, whether or not it is outdated.

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