Tired Blogger is Tired

We moved into our new workspace this week. The shiny, newly refurbished space is clean, brightly lit, and rather nice.  We have a new “lounge” space, decks for occasional fresh air, and the new layout is more organized in a lot of ways.

…and between the new carpet, new paint, and much brighter overhead lights I’ve had headaches all week.

Any weight-related notes?  Um, if I grasp at straws?  I had the move coordinator reminding me to label my non-standard chair so it would get to my new cube.  One of my minions offered to climb up to “dim” the lights a bit because she knows I’ve got a fear of falling. I also wasn’t sure the chair she was on would support my weight, but hey – it was fine with hers. (You know those banks of fluorescent tubes? Rotate a tube in place, it loses its power connection and turns off.  Rotate 1 or 2 of each bank of 3 right above my desk and the lights are not guaranteed to give me a migraine by the end of the day.)

On the fitness front, my left hamstring has been bothering me since late last week. I’ve been less active lately, which I think is part of it.  I’ve been doing “chair squats” more diligently and it’s helping. “Chair squats” are my name for an exercise my physical therapist assigned:

  1. Sit on a chair (or couch).
  2. Slowly stand up.
  3. Slowly sit down.
  4. Repeat 9-15 times per set.  Do 1-2 sets every other day.

These build strength & balance in a very functional way – and if you’re worried about your balance, do them with a soft, cushy couch/landing space!  Higher chairs are easier; lower chairs are more difficult – and if your lowest chair is too easy, you may be ready to try full squats! :)







2 responses to “Tired Blogger is Tired”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    (I know this is an old post but whatever). I just started doing squats recently and OMG they’re great. I bowl recreationally, so my legs and glutes sometimes get sore and then stiff the day after league night. I’ve been looking for a stretch I can do unobtrusively at work that work those muscles, and “chair squats” look like they’ll do the trick.

  2. living400lbs Avatar

    It is pretty unobtrusive & doesn’t require much equipment ;)

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