Mixed Links

A nice piece on beating stress & angst

Contraceptive pills may reduce or prevent muscle growth.

From an article on being fat and fit

As long as people see physical activity primarily as a way of losing weight, they are unlikely to keep it up, either because it doesn’t achieve that objective quickly or because they think they have to lose weight before they can take up serious exercise […] the benefits of being fit are usually greater than those of weight loss.

Finally, as Kate Harding twittered, Trolls Aren’t New.  But before email they had to, you know, find paper and stamps.  :)

One thought on “Mixed Links

  1. Sure Trolls aren’t new. However, I’m finding the egos of some bloggers are out of this world. Primadonna if you will. If you wrote for a public publication back in the day, the public showed up too.

    The difference is, though, that bloggers can censor even reasoned arguments, whereas before, editors picked the letters and counter arguments to run.

    Blogs can become an echo chamber and an ego club for the blogger. How many times have I read a serious feminist issue devolve in the comments because the blogger got her feelings hurt by a little constructive criticism. It’s a shame. That’s what I like about this blog. Large and proud in all ways, and encouraging acceptance in all senses of the word.

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