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Seattle Summer

Last summer, Seattle had record-breaking heat.

This summer, Seattle has record-breaking coolness.

Sure, it’s gotten up to 85F or 90F once or twice. At the moment it’s 10am and 55F degrees. It’s supposed to warm up to 85F this afternoon, but I’m still wearing cotton knit slacks and a v-neck t-shirt at work to avoid being too cold this morning. The one time I tried wearing a sleeveless top — a light sweater vest, actually — I got goosepimples walking outside. My tank tops are still in the drawer; most of my shorts are still in an extra closet.

So if you want to cool off this summer, come here!

14 responses to “Seattle Summer”

  1. It’s FABULOUS! I’m one of the deathfats who has always hated the heat, and I’m just loving the cool mornings and warm afternoons.

    Let’s not forget, though – a couple of weeks ago we had three days of record-breaking heat, so we’ve had our insanity for the year, I feel ;)

  2. I’m on my way . . .

    Y’all have a Starbucks or two up there, right? XD

    1. heh heh heh ha ha ha giggle ha ha ha giggle snort ha ha ha…

      Ah, yes, yes we do…also some Tully’s, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Peet’s. Also some independents.

      If I recall correctly you’re in Texas??

  3. I’m in Illinois now, where the heat index reached 120 the other day.

    It’s kind of like this.

  4. I have a Facebook friend who lives in Seattle and is constantly complaining about the cool weather. I told her to come to Maryland, where it’s been in the upper 90’s -100’s since Memorial Day. Humidity rules around here during the summer.

    1. Vacation idea: house swap? :)

      1. If you don’t mind looking after my beagle and dealing with my 82 year-old grandfather, come on over ;)

  5. Pick me up at the airport. Since June we’ve had more than 30 days of 90+ days. Add in the intense humidity and you have some sweating going on.

  6. I’m in the Bitterlake neighborhood. I’m just tired of being chilled all the time plus this was the first time that I’ve tried to grow tomatoes. It is not going well.

    1. Yeah, I’m glad we don’t have to rely on food grown within a mile of our house, because there ain’t much.

  7. LOVE the coolness of Seattle summers! Though this year was pushing it as it rained until about 12 days ago and the sun hid behind the clouds. We need all the sunshine we can get since it’s most visible a mere three months out of the year. It will be interesting to see how our Fall is since we got such a late start for summer.

    What I DONT miss about hot humid summers:
    -the boils that come from sweating
    -the staleness of air conditioned air
    -having to run the a/c in my car instead of lowering the windows
    -not being able to breathe outside because it’s so humid
    -restless, muggy nights after turning down the a/c to save on electricity
    -did I mention sweating? :)

    1. Yeah, our lack of sun is why I’m taking 3000 iu of vitamin D a day.

  8. I take 400 iu a day. I’m not deficient but decided some extra wouldn’t help and it has, especially in the colon department. :)

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