God Should Look At Magazines to Know What People Should Look Like

I wish God would look at more magazines so he would know what people are supposed to look like.


Yes, it’s funny.

It also shows the disconnect between what we expect people to look like.  We expect people to look like what we’re used to seeing — and if we mostly see other people in magazines or on TV or in movies, that’s what we expect people to look like.

And when the movie’s over, we are surprised that reality hasn’t conformed to our fantasies.

I love fiction.  We call the living room of our house “the library” for good reason.  I not only go to fan conventions, I help organize them.   I also am aware that the near-homogeneous size of the actors on TV is as much fantasy as the huge sizes of the New York apartments or the never-ending variations of the characters’ wardrobes.  You think superheros are wish fulfillment, try civil servants who never wear the same clothes twice!

But we suspend our disbelief.  And then we feel unhappy with our bodies, our homes, and our incomes.  I don’t watch as much TV as most of my friends.  I avoid fashion magazines.  I don’t think I’m any less entertained.   I know I’m happier with myself.

5 thoughts on “God Should Look At Magazines to Know What People Should Look Like

  1. I live in a country where magazine models aren’t air brushed, where the thought of botox horrifies people, and where people walk around changing rooms and the sauna nude. That means I see normal bodies of all ages and sizes around me all the time – it’s done wonders for my own self esteem, and explains the high body self esteem of others.

  2. When I think about how my own life is and isn’t affected by being very fat, it’s much easier than being very stupid like him.

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