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Quote of the Day

Mr. de la Rionda hammered away at the chain of events Mr. Zimmerman set off, he said, when he profiled Mr. Martin, got out of his car with a gun and followed him, despite the advice of the police dispatcher.

“The law doesn’t allow people to take the law into their own hands,” he said.

Mr. Zimmerman, a gun on his hip, made the wrong assumptions and the wrong choices, he said. Because of that, a teenager who was “minding his own business,” heading to watch a basketball game, wound up dead.

“The law talks about accountability and responsibility for one’s actions, and that’s what we’re asking for in this case,” he said. “Hold the defendant responsible for his actions; hold him accountable for what he did. Because if the defendant hadn’t assumed that — then Trayvon Martin would have watched the basketball game, George Zimmerman would have gone to Target or done whatever he does on Sunday evenings, and we wouldn’t be here.”

— Chief prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda, in closing arguments
(Bolding added)

One response to “Quote of the Day”

  1. …wow. I can’t believe he got acquitted. That was 2nd-degree murder at least.

    Welp, I guess that’s a free pass from now on for every action-hero wannabe who wants to play cops-and-robbers. “I just felt really, really threatened, officer.”

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